Mounted by a Monster Under Her Bed

Title: Mounted by the Monster Under Her Bed

Author: Mina Shay

Published: Dec 22, 2013

Page Length: 15 pages (This is a short)


Cheating: NO

I found this by searching Free Kindle Erotica on Amazon and this popped up. It was free as of Jan 1, 2021, so prices may have changed, but if you need a quick read in a doctor’s office, check this out. Or don’t. I’m not sure what it will do to you and if you carry extra panties and wipes around. You do you.

The Good: This is kind of nasty and also quick and hot. There’s not a lot of what I call “shmoopy” love and there is no HEA. She just gets up after having a monster pummel her vagina and calls it a night. To be honest, I detest most romance books or shorts that start out hot like fire and then turn into a shmoopy love story where the heroine bakes cakes and can’t wait to please her man. blah. Basically, we see some hot jerk-off action and we get a nice doggy style orgasm for her bent over her bed for her monster she’s known since childhood. It’s quick. It’s steamy. I dig it.

The bad: There’s kind of some bestiality squeamish vibes and that set me off a bit, but I think the author quickly humanizes the monster well. Either way, this probably isn’t for everyone.

Summary from Amazon:

Janey’s had a monster under her bed for as long as she can remember. Originally the creature terrified her, however Janey’s found a unique way to soothe the monster.

Except this time its not working. She’s got to find another way to pacify the monster before it succumbs to a deadly rage.

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