The Club

Book: The Club

Author: A.L. Brooks

Published: July 20, 2016 by Ylava Publishing

Pages: 288 Paperback edition

HEA– Sort of but not really

Cheating– some

Stars– 3 (out of 5)

This book is basically a book of short stories that are connected by taking place at the same “club.” The club in question is an erotic lesbian club where there are 3 rooms. The green room is your “vanilla” room that involves oral and lady handjobs. The blue room is the strap-on room and the red room is the BDSM room. Anything goes except the rule is that you signal you’re available by standing against the wall. If you are at the bar having a drink, you are not available. Pretty easy right?

The stories are all the stories of the women that visit the club and their reasons for doing so. One woman is cheating on her long-time partner because of menopause sexual inactivity. Other women just need a break from being in a high powered job or caring for an aging parent.

The common woman is the club owner, Mandy, and we see her reasons for opening the club throughout the book in short backstories sandwiched between present-day sex club blurbs.

Pros– NSA sex which is something I look for in my smut. I don’t like shmoopiness. Some of the scenes are incredibly hot.

Cons– Although the women involved in the stories sound like real every day women, I felt myself wanting a bit more description with features. There was a lot of talk of “butch” in the book. “Butch” how? Describe the features! You may hear a description of “spikey blond hair” or something similar, but I have no idea at all what many of these characters look like other than a hairstyle. Height? A few parts mention curvy, but are we talking hourglass? Some parts mention someone I imagined as thick given the terminology. Are we talking brick shithouse? In a nutshell, this could have been more descriptive.

Honestly, this book is very well-written and actually has substance to it. Even though there is a lack of conventional romance with plot, the concept is good and the author did an amazing job of connecting the stories and circling what plot there was back to Mandy and the club start up.

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