Gifting Me to His Best Friend

Title: Gifting Me to His Best Friend

Author: Katee Robert

Published: July 30, 2020 by Trinkets and Tales, LLC

Pages: 150 (This is an easy read and can be done on a plane trip easily)

Cheating: Depends on how you define “cheating”

HEA: Yes

Star Rating for Me: 5 stars…5 smoking HAWT stars


Holy shit. This book was HOT. Like, fan your panties HOT. This is the second book from Katee Robert’s “Taboo” series and I loved this one so much that I’m currently working through the 1st one. (They’re standalone stories, so you do not need to read them in order.)

I’m an auditory person, and one of my frustrations with some romance is the description of visual or tactile actions. Authors like to focus on making us imagine SEEING or FEELING the action and not HEARING it. It’s like the entire romance industry forgets about the segment of women (and men) that prefer to imagine hearing the romance and sex scenes happen. They forget about dirty talk lovers. Katee Roberts either understands this or is cut from the same cloth as me and shares a love of filthy expletives and directions in her romance reading.

The dirty talk in this book is on point. Derek, especially, is constantly talking to Emma and muttering absolute filth during the sex scenes. I found the character of Grayson, the complicit cuckhold husband, to be an amazing husband but not as interesting in the love scenes. His dirty talk sounded a bit more tame in comparison, but maybe it was just because Derek sounded so exceptionally filthy.

Favorite Line: “Think she’ll scream my name when she comes or yours?”

Verdict: Make sure to have extra panties available when you read this. Or some wet wipes. Dealers choice.

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