The Edge of Temptation

Author– J. Saman

Published– March 6, 2019

Pages– 252

HEA– yes. Schmoopy-filled. Trigger warning for all of you, like me, that HATE happy endings.

Wet panty meter– 2. (You may need 2 new pairs of panties while reading this book but they are both needed in the first 100 pages.)

General rating– 2.5

First off, thanks to my husband, I started the wet panty meter mentioned above. Ideas like this are probably why I keep him around. You never know when he’ll say something like, “You know what you should do? You should have some kind of underwear ranking system about how hot the book is and how many times someone may need new panties.”

And here we are. The wet panty meter for this is a 2. I thought I’d do a rank of 0 through 5, kind of like my Goodreads reviews.

So let’s get to why this is a 2.

Pros– The author is a good writer. I didn’t get bogged down in editorial errors when reading this like I sometimes do with indie print books. This is usually the result of an author’s roommate from college trying to break into publishing and taking a crack at editing a book. This is not the case. So, bravo. When she writes sex scenes, she’s very good at it conventionally. People who like their romances with a bit of plot (not too much) and vanilla sex followed up by sheer schmoop, this is for you. I personally gag when a book has a lot of hot sex and then loving cake baking for our main character’s man in the latter half of the book. While the main character doesn’t bake our male lead a cake in this one, I felt that was something they would do off page.

Cons– I don’t like convention, so the vanilla-ness of the book was a slog. If you like kink, don’t even bother. If you like a little somethin’ somethin’ hair tug, this isn’t the book for you. There was no spanking. No run-of-the-mill ass pounding. Personally, I feel a book is a failure if someone doesn’t get a train run on them by a few guys dressed like clowns or something equally unlikely to happen to me on a Thursday night, but that’s just me and my preference for romantic fiction. I want it full of fiction and completely unlikely fiction at that.

Final words– eh. That’s all I got. Eh.

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