The Naughty List

Author: Ellie Mae Macgregor

Published: Dec. 11, 2020

Page Length: 56 pages. This is a short

HEA: yes. But it’s not annoying in the way that half of some books can be dedicated to the HEA.

Wet Panty Rating: 4 of 5. This book is scandalous and taboo so that is an extra panty bump.

Before I get into the pros and cons that I usually do to write my reviews, let’s talk about this for a moment. Sit down, pick up a mug of tea and let’s really chat about it.

How did I find this book? Well, you see, I was looking at another book that I was reviewing on Goodreads and found my way into the suggested books section on that other book. I clicked on this for a chuckle and then scrolled down to the reviews. One reviewer mentioned that this was the hottest book she’d read of Santa porn.

I’m sorry? What the fuck did you say? Did you just say Santa porn?

So I started searching. There is a whole entire fucking genre of romance shorts dedicated to fucking Santa. On my to read list now is a short by CA Carbury titled “Milked by Santa Claus” which seems to refer to Santa enjoying lactation when a female M/C doesn’t have proper milk to go with the cookies. I’ll have to read it to get the full scoop. Also available through Amazon as a short is “Her Night With Santa” by Adriana Herrera which is a F/F with a female Santa.

Now, I thought to myself, this can’t be actually about fucking Santa. It’s probably just about someone fucking a silver fox that LOOKS like Santa.

Nope. No, this book is about fucking Santa.

Apparently, Santa doesn’t have a stomach like a bowl full of jelly, but is wide thighed and strapping with a nipple ring.

Favorite Line: “His jizz probably tasted like peppermint, hot cocoa, and the spirit of Christmas, how could she not want a taste? – page 20

Pros: The sex is actually hot and there’s actually a semi-plot even though it’s only a 56 page book. The development of said plot is actually pretty fucking amazing now that I think about it. To cut time, the author does this magical thing (maybe it’s a Christmas miracle even) where she has the main characters chat about their backstory a little or give insightful life info while actually doing sexy shit in the shower or straight up in Santa’s sleigh. It worked for me.

Cons: Honestly, I can’t think of many cons except the whole insta-family thing at the end kind of sneaks up fast. I was kind of hoping that they would end up only seeing each other and fucking every Christmas Eve for the rest of their lives. But the shmoop factor was blessedly short given the shortness of the novella.

In Short: Get it if you are bored on a Saturday night especially around the next set of holidays. It’s worth the chuckle and the sex is hot. I look forward to reading other stuff by the author. Oh please!!! Write some more stuff!!!!

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