Your Dad Will Do

Author: Katee Robert

Pages: 150 pages (I’m beginning to think all novellas on Kindle in the erotica section are 150 pages if they are unsure of page length.)

Published: April 2020 by Trinkets and Tales LLC

HEA: Yes. But it’s not gag-inducing

Wet Panty Meter: 3 wet panties out of 5…eh

Let’s Chat: This book starts out with the main character (Lily) finding her fiancĂ©, Max, sack deep in his secretary. So she does what everyone does when something like that happens and goes crying to her ex-future-father-in-law. Shane is Max’s papa and is apparently about 47-years-old and just now greying around the muzzle. In the past, Lily’s fantasized about Shane while over there to visit and has done the usual things everyone does with our future father-in-laws like masturbate in the pool when she knows he’s watching and doing the old, “Oops, I dropped my towel” shenanigan.

So she shows up without underwear and it’s immediately on. No big buildup. They just instantly start talking to each other like a couple of nickel whores, and they even document the first go around. You can imagine where this leads. If you said it leads to them fucking in Shane’s truck during a sex toy store outing, them getting caught by the ex eventually and them using a lot of “daddy” spanking throughout the book, you’d be correct.

There’s also quite a bit of butt plug use that I just couldn’t keep a straight face with. I mean, he made her wear the butt plug around just like it was no big deal. I half expected her to be sent out to wash the car with it and go up to the Piggly Wiggly for a 6-pack. I’m not sure how she walked. I kept imagining her just standing somewhere and having the butt plug drop out and her remarking, “Welp. That’s my butt plug.” (That did not happen in the story, it’s just where my mind went.)

Favorite Line: “You’re not the only one who calls him daddy now.”

Pros: There’s a couple of scenes where she gets to be a bitch to the cheater.

Cons: I’ve seen much hotter sex. The whole immediate sex and then love when Shane was Max’s dad was kind of ridiculous. So, I just couldn’t get into it.

Verdict: Actually, book 2 in this author’s taboo series was much better, so check out that review in the blog.

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