Author: S.L. Jennings

Published: May 19, 2014 by S.L. Jennings

Pages: 219

HEA: yes, but it’s not gross

Wet Panty Rating: 4 out of 5 Justice Drake did it for me. I find no shame in it.

Favorite Line: Nobody wants to fuck Chewbacca

Review: I should hate this. I mean, I’m a feminist for fucks sake. I should hate this and I should want to dick punch a guy like Justice Drake. He’s bossy, misogynistic and doesn’t exactly work hard for his money. But…Lord have mercy, Justice Drake. Let’s say his name again. Justice Drake. I mean, if that were a guy’s real name, he’d probably tell women at bars what his name was and literally watch their panties melt off. It’s a hot name. And let’s just associate that name with the cover photo. You can’t hate the guy. I mean, look at him and hear his name. It’s impossible. You need a change of panties every time you look at the cover of the book or say his name. It took me a long time to finish the book in relation to how long I read other novels simply because I kept flipping to the cover.

Let’s just say, it was distracting.

OK. Cover swoon over.

Justice Drake is kind of an asshole. He runs a sexual boot camp for rich women like Walton and Zuckerberg wife rich. He tries to turn them into the sexual vixens their husbands supposedly want. Surprisingly, he makes a point of not sleeping with any of the women at these boot camps except for falling for Ally. Ally…sweet, sweet dorkable and clueless Ally. I found it conflicting that he’s the asshole and I hated her. But, that’s what this book does to you.

Ally is so blah that I really don’t think she deserves a whole lot of words here. I mean, she wasn’t one of the rich wives that volunteered. If a job was mentioned, I don’t remember it. She comes from a well-off family and married into a well-off family. Nothing about her told me she was a scrappy little spitfire clawing her way up from the bottom or even helping humanity in any way. Hell, the only nauseating fact about her that was CONSTANTLY mentioned was her love for ice cream. There was just nothing there.

Overall, 10 stars (out of 5) for Mr. Drake and 0 for Ally.

Also of note, there’s a twist at the end. I also avidly read mysteries, and I did not see that twist coming. So there’s that.

In a Nutshell: This trash is worth the money. Hell, I’d pay double for a Justice Drake sequel (And yes, I just giggled a little each time above that I typed his name.)

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