Author: Alice Clayton

Published: November 27th, 2012 by Omnific

Pages: 384

HEA: Yes. But this one doesn’t bother me.

Wet Panty Meter: 3 for wet panties 5 stars for the book

Review: This is the first “romance” book in awhile where I enjoyed the plot and the humor instead of wanting all sex all the time.

This is a classic in the romance world. I love classics. I won’t just review new stuff. If it’s new to me, it gets a review. At the time I write this, there are over 181,000 ratings for it on Goodreads. Alice Clayton is the William Shakespeare of romance and it’s easy to see why.

Yes. There is some sex in this book. But sex between our M/C, Caroline, and Simon “Wallbanger” Parker doesn’t happen until the last 100 pages or so. So you basically have a full on book read before any action really happens between the two. Keep that in mind if you are looking for the smut. When the sex does happen, it’s hot. There’s an amazingly hot kitchen scene…er sceneS that are exceptionally good. That’s not to say there isn’t sex or sexual tension at any point in the book. I mean, our M/C gets to hear Simon give it to his “harem” consisting of girls nicknamed for their sexual preferences she can hear through the wall. Spanks (obvious), Purina (Simon is so good he makes a woman meow like a cat) and Giggles are all present to provide the first sexual tension in the book. The middle of the book is the Ross/Rachael type romance between Simon and Caroline that reeks of sexual tension.

You can’t help but fall for Simon. I think what made it so hot for me is that I’m a HUGE Supernatural fan and Alice Clayton said in a press blurb that she is also a huge SPN fan and thought about Jenson Ackles when writing Simon’s parts. Maybe that’s where my love for Mr. Wallbanger comes in because I’m a Dean Winchester girl. Even though he has a harem before giving them up one-by-one to try for a relationship with Caroline, you can’t help but love the guy and the “smirk”.

Overall, this book is a 5 star read for me. I don’t know if I would really rate it 5 stars on the wet panty meter. It’s just a good solid book romantic/comedy-wise. I toyed with not even reviewing this for this blog since I’m trying to review more nasty/tawdry writing. However, I read it. It has sex in it. So here it is. And you should read it if you aren’t already the more than 181k that have and loved it.

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