Author: Sierra Simone

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wet Panty Meter: also 5 of 5 (This can be different than a rating. I may love a book for its story, but it may not be panty-changing hot.)

Published: June 29, 2015 (also, kind of a classic)

HEA: Yes. But not schmoopy

Favorite Line: “You left a wet spot on my leg, Lamb.”….”Do you want something?” (page 126)

Review: I can hear people now. Coming after me with pitchforks and torches chanting, “Really? It’s Ash Wednesday and you decide to review a book about a Priest breaking his vows with someone that sounds like she looks exactly like Megan Fox?”

Yes. Yes, I just did.

You do Lent your way, and I’ll do it mine.

Dear sweet baby Jesus, this book is hot. Flaming fucking hot. Now, we do have an HEA and, as expected, when you see the HEA coming in the last 75 pages or so, the hotness dissipates. But you still have the rest of the book to flame your eternal hellfire. If you do quit, make sure not to quit until after the strip club scene. I promise you, it’s worth it.

A girl walks into a church for confession and a young, hot 29-year-old priest takes her confession…yes please!

Part of what makes this book so incredibly panty-melting is the fact that it’s written from Tyler’s point-of-view. You can hear his thought process. You go along for the ride when he jerks himself off across his church office desk because he’s thinking about Poppy. As an undergrad, he had his fair share of women and he remembers what he likes even though he has been a celibate (and actually a pretty good) priest for 3 years. You hear his BDSM thoughts. You hear how hard he wants to ram his dick down her throat.

I think my favorite twist on this book is how they don’t really fuck at their houses often. They do it in church most of the time. They get physical for the first time after a confession in the church when he bends her over the piano and eats her pussy. They do anal in his office with consecrated oil used for baptisms.

The only negative I felt about this book is that, because it is from Tyler’s POV, I never really connected with or liked Poppy. She tempted him and tempted him and then didn’t talk to him for days on end because she felt bad about tempting him. I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for someone that felt guilty because she wore a short skirt without panties to confession and then was hurt that her priest played “just the tip” with her. I also had a hard time with the education she had and her financial world accomplishments and she works at a sex club, not because she had to make ends meet, but because it made her feel powerful when guys wanted to fuck her. Basically, she and I had some problems. And I may be an asshole for saying this, but if Poppy was real and we met, I probably would not have any desire to be friends. There. I said it.

But Tyler, we could be friends. Fuck yeah.

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