Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: N.J. Bhogayta

Published: The edition I read has a publishing date of September 2020, but there may have been other versions published before then. I could not lock down an initial publishing date.

SBL Wet Panty Meter: 3. When the sex scenes happen, they are a 5. (And about 3 chapters long.) I only took a couple of panties off because this is a long-ish book that is more good plot and relationship building than sex sex sex.

HEA: cliffhanger to book 2

Cheating: no

Full disclosure, the author contacted me on Instagram and asked if I could read this and write a review. Let me tell you the truth about accepting review requests from new authors or authors I haven’t heard of (not that I know of everyone mind you.) You never really know what you’re going to get.

So, I went into this thinking I may have to “grade on a curve” so to speak or maybe find a few nice things to say and then hope I don’t come across as the Simon Cowell of erotica book reviews.

Well, remember that time Simon Cowell looked at Susan Boyle and dismissed her entirely and then she opened her mouth and blew him out of his seat by singing “I Dream a Dream?”

Me reading Krish’s first chapter…

This book…is. Really. Fucking. Good. This is not a typically smutty book that I normally like to read. It doesn’t involve zombie hooker threesomes nor a gang bang so intense that you think the main character’s vagina is a clown car. In fact, this is an upstanding love story that just happens to have sex in it. Pretty well-written sex I might add. Sensory sex. We hear it. We see it. We feel it. It goes on for 3 chapters. This book also has this thing called a plot that is absolutely Ah.Maz.Ing. Remember how I felt about Wallbanger? The plot for that book was just a great romantic comedy. This plot is just a great story with a darker love story intertwined.

First, there’s our main lady. Nicole has a sketchy past and there’s a bit of mysterious back story to what’s going on with her. She’s also really smart and an incredibly strong main character with a bit of integrity. You like her though. The only negative some people may see is there is a lot of corporate speak in the first chapters and a lot of mergers/acquisitions talk. I could see how it could turn off some readers. As a former corporate ho, it didn’t bother me. I whisked right over it and it set up the plot nicely. So stay with it.

Then, there’s our main dude, Raphael. There’s a lot of hate here both in the book and within the reader. He wants Nicole so much that he tries to ruin her life when she rejects him. You actually feel hatred and disgust for a book character. That’s how good the writing and story building is here. We want to dick punch this guy for half the book.

So we have a lot of this back and forth going on for a good chunk of the book. You know the kind.



And then some more…

This goes on for awhile, and I fucking dig it.

For some reason, I’ve been reading a lot of tawdry stuff lately that has our main lady as a virgin. Usually, there’s no reason for it, and I kind of get frustrated that many romance writers think we all want our heroines lacking sexual experience. Personally, I like it when I have a strong female character in touch with her sexuality that knows what she wants and likes already before she meets the “love of her life.” Here, the virginity is actually a plot device. It’s an important point in the story. Raphael thinks that she has been having an affair with his business rival for half of the book. When he realizes she’s a virgin, it’s then that he realizes he’s an actual asshole and got some faulty intel on her. So this works here and doesn’t make me want to put the book down and walk away for awhile.

Near the end, we have a slight twist involving Nicole’s family that I did not see coming. We have some cliffhanger leading into the sequel and we see a different side of Raphael entirely.

Summary: I am backed up on ARCs because I have a life besides reading tawdry romance, but I can’t wait to sit down some time in April and read number 2 in the series. This book was awesome.

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