His to Own: The Billionaire’s Captive

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: Shelby Black

Published: March 18, 2021

HEA: yes

Cheating: no

Wet Panty Meter: 3

Page Length: About 100 pages. It’s not a short, but it’s not full length. When I read this, I viewed this as a short for reviews.

Review: Five stars for the book and 3 changes of panties.

For shorts, I like down and dirty and fast. This happens here. You have a cute meet setup in the first few pages and you learn a lot about the MC, Caroline, and her internal monologue. And here’s the thing, you LIKE her. She’s inquisitive when she meets Jackson. She isn’t a gold digger. She’s educated. She’s looking forward to a new job. Basically, she’s someone who comes across as scrappy and able to fend for herself if necessary. This is a big thing with me because I HATE the tropes where females are down on their luck and the big strong man comes and takes it all away. Basically, I like a strong heroine in her own right.

Moving on…

The sex scenes are well-written and hot. There’s dirty talk. There’s some hard sex. So it’s everything I like in a book. I feel like it will also appeal to those readers out there that like HEA and want the romance aspect of a book too. The romance, while there, isn’t what I call “schmoopy.” Basically, it doesn’t make you want to barf if you’re like me and don’t like HEA. I’m slowly coming to terms that if I don’t like HEA or the virgin trope in romance books that I should either write my own book or just shut the fuck up about it and not read romance any longer because everyone else seems to like it.

Because I’m not just a horrid, cantankerous bitch, I just want to say that I DO LOVE the alternating POV that is popular now. I enjoy getting the male side of things, especially during sex scenes, because I think it helps us mentally experience the sex a bit more when we read how both partners feel about it and what their thoughts are on the relationship. This book does have an alternating POV and that contributes to the plot and relationship-building in such a short book.

In actuality, the ending is pretty brilliant and the M/Cs come to a great compromise on the logistical problems of their relationship. In all honesty, if presented with that situation, that’s probably the best way to work it out, and I applaud the author for having an obvious outline of where she wanted to take this and coming to a solution that didn’t detract from Caroline’s ambition and own achievements. That’s easy to do in some romance books. It often ends up that the woman is saved by the big strong man.

In short, this is worth it. It’s a quick read you can crank out in a night alone. It’s not so short that it can be done while your kid is in karate, but a couple of hours on a rainy day is perfect.

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