Theirs for the Night

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Author: The awesome and amazing Katee Robert

Published: July 2018 by Trinkets and Tales LLC.

HEA: no. This ends in what I would call a “Choose to go on or just call it a day” fashion. There is a book behind it that goes into more detail about an evolving relationship, but this one ends when our MC leaves the next day. This book should be read as a fun night out and nothing more unless you choose to move on to the rest of the trilogy.

Cheating: no

Page length: About 80 pages depending on which version on Kindle you get

Wet Panty Meter: 4 of 5

Review: Ya’ll know my love of Katee Robert. She wrote “Your Dad Will Do” and “Gifting Me to His Best Friend” so I’ve reviewed some of her work before.

This was free on Kindle the day I downloaded it and I had a free Saturday night this weekend, so I thought I’d just crack this out.

Me reading this thing:

We have our MC, Meg, who has a 23rd birthday (Lord, that feels so young to me now. I could be her mother.) and goes out to a club with her friend. She meets Galen and Theo at the club and dances with them a lot of the night and she gets the feeling there’s something there between them too. So they cuddle up in a booth and talk about having a threesome just for the night. There’s some back story there between the guys and I won’t spoil that here. Then there’s discussion about rubbing her pussy in the booth in front of Jesus and everyone, but they eventually agree to go to the Central Park penthouse with the awesome view to do their dirty business.

In good short form, the conversation doesn’t lag and the throuple just gets down to their dirty business. I think it’s here that Katee Robert excels. She’s notorious for setting up some of the nastiest, tawdriest erotic scenes in the business. She also has nice transition and flow into those scenes for a writer whose books aren’t ever really that long. (Even her full length-ish books run about 240 pages average.) I’m pretty picky about transition in romance/erotica. I can’t just have someone look at a person and then all of the sudden she starts sucking his dick. There’s got to be a setup. KR does this superbly.

Most of the action in this book takes place on a couch which is logistically hard and probably the only unrealistic thing I felt in this book. (You know I like realistic. It has to be something that could happen to me so I can imagine it better.) I don’t know if you’ve ever fucked on a couch, but doing that with 2 people is hard, so I’m unsure how 3 people seemed to flow so smoothly. I mean, was there a coffee table there or anything? That always seems to get kicked out of the way or something on it spills or some shit. I don’t know about your couches, but my family has managed to fuck up every single couch we’ve owned just by flopping down on them more than once and we are not obese people. I’m talking wood inside the couch splintering sounds when you sit on them. Now, I’m assuming this also wasn’t some rinky couch from IKEA or Weekends Only in a Central Park penthouse, but I don’t know if there is any couch out there that could take 2 muscle bound Eastern Europeans and a woman who probably weighs a buck ten doing the shit they did. There was also a lot of position change to the point that I couldn’t keep up. So, I imagined this scene as a lot more tricky than she made it seem with 3 people.

Eventually, they stop the couch action and take a snack break which is probably the most realistic part of the threesome night. Then they eventually get set up in the bedroom where the classic ménage spit roasting takes place. (Or it could be called “Eiffel towering” if you’re hanging out with a certain Supreme Court justice.)

So why the 4 stars for an author I love and a good spit roasting short? Well, (rubs chin) I struggled with that. I knocked a star off for the couch sex. It just wasn’t flipping my skirt up. Don’t get me wrong. Galen going down on Meg while Theo fucked her from behind was HAWT trash. I don’t know why I couldn’t just let it go. I was hyper focused on all the twists and turns and position changes mentioned in the book. I probably should have just got out a piece of paper and tried to diagram it to keep it straight. I also needed to take off half a star for no dp. That’s probably the most disappointing point. Theo even mentions dp (double penetration for those not familiar) so you get your hopes up that it’ll happen. I feel like that’s the end all be all of a MMF and to have it mentioned as a possibility in the future, when we thought this was supposed to be a one-night thing, and not given to us kind of made me feel sad in my heart.

Still, this is an amazing read if you have an hour to yourself and won’t get bogged down by the position switches and over think it. I over thought it. Learn from my mistake and just go with the flow.

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