Imperfectly Yours

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: J.D. Hughes

Published: February 2021

HEA: Yes

Cheating: No

Wet Panty Meter: 2.5/5

Note: Because my blog readership has somehow gone up past my husband and one of my good friends reading it, I’ve really struggled with one problem. Indie authors need every star they can get and what was once me just having a fun and unique creative outlet, is somehow becoming a bit more popular. I honestly don’t know how it happened except it probably has something to do with Instagram, but until further notice, I will only review a book here if it is a 5-star read for me. I didn’t get in to this to ruin anyone’s Indie book. I need to contemplate whether or not I want to keep doing that so that I’m honest about all romance/erotica I read. But for now, I feel like this is a good decision. You will only see a book here if I LOVE it.

Review: So about THIS book. I went out to leave a Goodreads review and saw another comment about the book, and I really feel that review used the best word to describe this.


This book is hella underrated. Reading it, my first thought was this should be a best seller through a publishing company. The premise is awesome and original. How many romance books center around a business partnership of a drag club? The cute meet ahead of the business partnership between our characters is one of the cutest I’ve seen in awhile.

I think what I like most is that there are no tropes in this. We have no virgins. No billionaires (yes, the male MC is wealthy, but not “Come away on my yacht to my private island where I will whip you and make you suck my cock for hours” rich.) Our two MCs do go into a business partnership together to try to save the drag club, but I wouldn’t rate this near books where a male hero completely saves the female. Ava is smart, in control of her business, has her own “fabulous” friends and would probably land on her feet without Jack going into business with her. In this book, business is just a way of bringing them into each other’s circle and getting to know each other.

The side characters of Jack’s daughter, Ruby and the other drag queens add a lot of sweetness and fun to this book. I especially fell in love with Ruby and would love to see a book about Ruby’s love life. I’d read that in any direction J.D. Hughes wanted to take it.

So let’s talk sex. Per usual, I like to warn people in advance how long they have to wait for a sex scene. Honestly, it’s pretty long here. We don’t get to anything sexual until half of the book is over. However, Hughes does a great job of hitting us with plot setup and awesome character introductions for the bulk of the beginning of the book, so you don’t really notice the lack of sex so much. I think there’s a great deal of explosive sexual tension that you don’t get in every book. You WANT these characters to FUCK, but you like the buildup and the ride too.

The sex itself is written decently. I could have done with a little more talking between the two, but it was good scene writing. I really think she excelled at describing Jack because I could see him in my mind throughout the book.

I think what made the book so outstanding for me, was the “villain” coming back towards the end. (no spoilers) If a book can make me feel such sheer hatred for a character, you know it’s good. I wanted to kick that bitch’s ass for Ava.

In a nutshell, I loved the plot of this book. It’s a great story, and the sex scenes are just cherry on top bonus.

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