A Night in Prague

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: Linda Naush

Published: March 31, 2021

Pages: 61 (This is a short)

HEA: yes

Cheating: no

Wet Panty Meter: You will need 2 pairs of panties while reading this book. You may think this is a bad score, but I think it’s good given this is a short.

Review: You know how amateur porn gets so many more hits than professionally done porn?

Apparently, most of the porn viewing and porn buying public has a thing for a frumpy housewife getting a train run on her by 3 balding pot-bellied dudes in their 40s.

For some odd reason, it’s so much hotter for people when the people are real without bleached assholes. Sure, you have some men that really like the bleached asshole ladies and the guys with 10 inch schlongs, but those people are vastly outnumbered by the amateur viewers. That’s why places like Pornhub have taken off. We’re talking millions of views from simple videos taken after a night out compared to production cost of porn videos.

Where am I going with this on a post that’s supposed to be dedicated to a lovely book?

This book has real people engaged in a one night thing. The author describes our female MC as a woman who’s obviously wearing Spanx and has a bit of jiggle to her. The guy doesn’t sound like Fabio. In fact, he’s bald. When was the last time there was a bald MC in a romance book that didn’t get that way because of a gang or mafia initiation? Try never.

These are REAL people. I get that some people say that they don’t like reality and go to books to get away from reality. But reality works here.

We SEE ourselves in this couple that has amazing sex with each other. The fun part of this book is that we are able to leave reality by exploring Prague with this couple and have a one night stand with this couple. I think most of us agree that these things don’t happen to us on a random Tuesday.

Moving on, the MCs obviously have an enjoyable night once they get to the sex. There’s some exploring Prague together, which is sweet. There’s a lot of uncertainty as to if they’ll really do anything since he kind of backs off once they’re back at the hotel. I’m not going to put any spoilers out there, but the book also leaves us on a cliff hanger as to what will happen in the second book due out soon.

As far as the sex goes, it’s a good sex scene even though it happens toward the end. However, the real appeal of the book is the lack of fake characters and the curiosity surrounding what our male MC had happen in his life that holds him back from really going at it and pursuing a relationship. (These things seem to be addressed in the second book.) I do plan on picking up the second book because I do want to know why our male MC was so hesitant here.

I ALMOST gave this 4 stars because I would have liked a sex scene that lasted a bit longer and a little more detail into the sub-plot of why our MC has a bad taste in his mouth for love. However, I went with a 5 because of the originality of the book.

I’m a sucker for original things. I read so many romance books for ARCs now that I’m tired of The. Same. Old. Shit. Over and over and over.

There’s no trope here. Our female MC isn’t some virgin and there’s not a huge age gap. Our dude isn’t a billionaire, and he doesn’t have a 10-inch cock. This is just a good short romance that is original in its lack of fake bullshit that surrounds almost every romance book. This book shows us that not all MCs need to be perfect. Real people that like cheesecake can have romance in their lives and experience love.

All in all, this is a fun read for a short and sets up the second book nicely in the epilogue. It took me about an hour to go through, but I may have been distracted with household stuff during that time too. It’s definitely something you can plow through on a Saturday evening or in the waiting area during your kid’s dance class.

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