Foreplay on Words

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: E.L. Koslo

Published: May 27, 2021 by Cherry Publishing

Length: 418 pages according to Amazon. This is very long for a romance novel. This is not a quick read. Fair warning.

HEA: yes

Cheating: no

Wet Panty Meter: If you’re in to BDSM, just go get all new underwear. I gave up trying to count the sex scenes.


This was a fun surprise. Chase, is a romance author. She’s assigned to help the publishing company’s successful thriller/suspense author, Evan, write some sex scenes for his new novel. He’s a great author, he just has trouble with steamy scenes.

There’s a lot of cute banter at the beginning of their relationship and they work out the steamy scenes. Then, they decide to collaborate and write a bdsm project together. Well, readers can surmise that they start to like each other during their education into the dom/sub world.

Enter funny scenes and a funny safe-word. (Hint…it’s based on the Barbie song from the 90s.)

These funny scenes and Evan’s nervousness about his “lessons” add to the story and make the characters likeable and add some steamy bedroom scenes into the middle of the book where most contemporary romance books start to drag. For example, a lot of romance books have the cute meet within the first 20 percent. Then you have the first sex at usually 40-50, then dead air unless there is some type of problem or plot.

This book just has tons and tons of kinky shit built into the middle.

You have some interesting side characters that help them learn about the BDSM lifestyle, and it’s obvious that the author did a bit of research into the dom/sub world because there’s a lot of introduction to some of the more…uncomfortable toys and their uses.

You have a BDSM event the couple goes to…

You have some relationship interaction that’s pretty racy. If there was no romance aspect of this book, it could easily be classified as erotica. But alas, Chase and Evan are “relationship goals.”

I read a lot of romance books. Tons. However, this one probably has the most sex scenes of any other romance book I’ve read. Nothing is off the table for this book. In fact, there are places were there is some type of sex in every chapter. This makes it long.

This is not a book that you can read in an hour on a Saturday night. I read one paper-bound book and 1 book on my Kindle at any given time. I got through Andy Weir’s “Project Hail Mary” before I got through this one, and I started both at the same time.

As enjoyable as it is, I feel like I need to warn about the length because some people really look for a quickie.

All in all, I was hooked by Chapter 3 on this. It’s a cute romance. It’s got some heavy sex scenes with some kink as well as some past obstacles to overcome.

Read it.

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