The Swingyards

The Swingyards is now available on Inkitt, and you can read it here or click on the picture below. The first part, The Caretaker has been lingering on Amazon like a fart while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with it to continue the story.

I really regret not writing this under a pen name because this is sheer porn. I’m not going to lie. People I’ve known in real life have found it, read it and immediately asked if I am a swinger. (I’m vanilla. I just write about some shit.)

Back story on The Caretaker- It started with porch drinking with two of my neighbors. As I said, I don’t swing, but my actual neighborhood is a swinger hotspot. (My neighbors get a tickle that I write these.) One of my neighbors said I should write a series about a neighborhood of swingers.

So I did.

I wrote The Caretaker (35k) words in 10 days this past July. Granted, my kids ate poptarts, and I had no idea what day it was during those 10 days, but it went live on Vella on launch day, where it did well. I got 2 launch bonuses from Amazon and was crowned as a favorite several times.

However, Vella cheesed me off with their lack of searchability, people not being able to read them on their actual kindles and a lack of any promotion of the platform. It also seemed to welcome established authors with open arms and eschew indie authors. I don’t know if you’ll have noticed, but I’m not Hugh Howey.

The Substitute, part 2 of The Swingyards, now has 3 episodes on Inkitt. You have to bypass The Caretaker first to get to it. I’ll be releasing an episode/chapter every few days through February. (Or at least once a week.)

Check it out and leave a comment, review or whatever you’d like to leave on the story. I’d love to hear from you, either here or on Inkitt.

2 thoughts on “The Swingyards

    1. The Caretaker is the first part. You do not need to pay for it on Amazon unless you want a paper copy. All of The Swingyards series: Part 1 The Caretaker and Part 2 The Substitute are free if you are ok reading it on a screen. Download the free Inkitt app and read the entire series for free!


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