Winning the Witch is Live!

Now available here and only on Amazon! Blurb: Eliza Owl is all about helping her community. When her friend, Lily Jane, talks her into being a prize in the annual children’s hospital date raffle, she worries something will happen at the event that she can’t control. It’s not that she doesn’t like helping her communityContinue reading “Winning the Witch is Live!”

Head Over Heels in Hawaii – Excerpt

It’s coming! Ya’ll, I’m so excited to release this book. I have loved every single second of writing this book, and that’s been a relief. (I have 7 more sisters to write in the series.) Click on the pic below if you haven’t preordered it yet. It’s permanently 99 cents (The others in the seriesContinue reading “Head Over Heels in Hawaii – Excerpt”