Tag Team of the Month

It’s that time of year. (At least in the Northern Hemisphere.) Pickleball. Spring break. Eyeing which swimsuit I’ll wear this summer and counting down the days until the neighborhood pool opens. I’d like to think everyone has nothing but lazy days ahead of them with nothing to do but read, but I’ve learned that isn’tContinue reading “Tag Team of the Month”

What’s Up February?

Happy Valentine’s Month! I hope you celebrate by having someone treat you well ALL day and ALL year, for that matter. And keep in mind that Valentines can be a partner, but also a friend or someone that just loves for who you are. So, what do I have for you this month? Coupon ofContinue reading “What’s Up February?”

Contact High First Two Episodes

My new project, Contact High, is on Kindle Vella. I’ve loaded 6 episodes and will continue loading through the spring. (Twice a week unless I’m traveling.) Don’t like Kindle Vella? It will be a book this summer. Here’s the link to the Vella. The first three episodes are always free. Per terms of service, IContinue reading “Contact High First Two Episodes”

January News and Updates

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to the new year. Anyone doing the 2023 Goodreads challenge? I originally set mine for 70 and then changed it to 100. That may be pushing it, but I like poetry and erotic shorts, so those may get me there. Comment below if you’re doing the challengeContinue reading “January News and Updates”

What’s Coming in 2023

I hope your New Year’s Eve parties were awesome and your hangovers were short this morning. We didn’t do much, but we did make it over to our friends’ house for a small party…as much as you can party with kids in the house, at least. If you’re STILL hungover, remember that there’s no hangoverContinue reading “What’s Coming in 2023”

2023 Event Information!

That’s right, Calvert fans. I’ll be in the girls’ hometown of Alton, IL on Feb. 4 with a ton of other authors from the bi-state area at Maeva’s Cafe. Come see me. I’m not bringing the entire catalog because this is a small event. But I’ll have my paperback Calverts and Rocks: The Complete SeriesContinue reading “2023 Event Information!”

Free Audio Codes

Rocks is now available in audio on Audible! Read by Allie Anthony and written by me, you get all 3 Rocks shorts (Cherry Burn, Blue Balls, and Pistol Fire.) I’ll send out download codes to two lucky winners that will be chosen at random by a randomizer app. How to enter: Sign up for myContinue reading “Free Audio Codes”

October Happenings and News

I had an amazing time at the Cottleville, MO “Witches in Cottleville” event. So many people came out and gave my books a shot. A big thanks to my friend, Erin, that came along and helped me set up, break down, stamped the door prize sheet for guests, and watched my booth while I usedContinue reading “October Happenings and News”