August Coupons, Sales, and Free stuff

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. This is the first summer in a long time that I haven’t gone on a vacation. We went on spring break, so we decided not to travel this summer. I wrote a blog a while back about how much I just want to sit around. I wasContinue reading “August Coupons, Sales, and Free stuff”

Summer Happenings

Summer is in full swing for me, and I’m hard at work getting the romance backlist off the ground. It’s useless to try to advertise when you only have one book and don’t have read through. Ads are expensive. I’m just getting to the place where I’m running ads, and it’s taking a lot toContinue reading “Summer Happenings”

Spring Happenings!

For my fellow Northern Hemisphere people, spring is here. Summer is just around the corner… I feel like the winter flew by. I’ve been so busy. I’m currently in a beach chair in Ft. Myers, Florida trying to get a little something done so I’m not so swamped when I get home Monday. Jensen CityContinue reading “Spring Happenings!”

Amp Excerpt/Preview

Amp, the final book in my Jensen City Heroes series, is now available for preorder. It’ll be released June 9. Click on the cover below to be taken to the Amazon page. The prologue is below the cover and is from Rose’s point of view! Linus’s and his love interest’s respective POVs pick up atContinue reading “Amp Excerpt/Preview”

Catalog News

If you’d like to read Jensen City Heroes in Kindle Unlimited, load them into your library before March 26. I’m pulling all of my JCH from KU and putting them on wide platforms when Arson’s contract expires. They are in a wonky expiration cycle, but other writers say you can ask Amazon to take themContinue reading “Catalog News”

A Weekend with the Authors

Tickets are now on sale for A Weekend with the Authors in Nashville. Click on the picture above for the link to registration. I’ll be there Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. (Not there for the entire event.) I’ll have copies of Arson, Thirst and Darkness for JCH. Amp doesn’t come out until June, but ifContinue reading “A Weekend with the Authors”

Darkness Release/Amp Progress/Feb News

Darkness is out! I’ve had some amazing reviewers love it, and one even wrote that she hopes Linus comes back with a vengeance. It made my heart sparkle with joy that I made a reader passionate about making sure my boy gets his revenge. I’m about 10k words into Amp, and it’s a pleasure toContinue reading “Darkness Release/Amp Progress/Feb News”

Jensen City Sale to Celebrate Darkness Release!

To celebrate the release of Darkness, (available 1/20 for $2.99 or free to read on KU) I have Arson for free 1/19-1/21 and Thirst on sale for 99 cents for 48 hours. (Countdown deal so watch the clock) those same days. Darkness drops tomorrow! Preorder at $2.99. You can click on the picture below toContinue reading “Jensen City Sale to Celebrate Darkness Release!”

Swiss Cake Rolls and My Favorite Chair

I used to be a fun fucking extrovert. Know what happened? I became an author. I became an author that wants to sprint write because I’ve become addicted to writing. I have so many story ideas, I can’t get them out fast enough. It’s frustrating as all fuck. It’s like I kept stories in myContinue reading “Swiss Cake Rolls and My Favorite Chair”

What I’m Reading

I hope everyone has been having a great new year, so far. I haven’t done a “what I’m reading” segment in a long time, so I thought I’d info dump. This post is a little longer than the usual what I read offering because it’s been so long, and I read a lot in December.Continue reading “What I’m Reading”