Summer Happenings

Summer is in full swing for me, and I’m hard at work getting the romance backlist off the ground. It’s useless to try to advertise when you only have one book and don’t have read through. Ads are expensive. I’m just getting to the place where I’m running ads, and it’s taking a lot to figure it out. Oh, and I’m writing a random project my brain insists on doing and submitting to a traditional publisher. Fingers crossed.

I’m also playing a shit ton (actual measurement) of pickleball. Anyone else obsessed with it?

So, what’s new?

Blue Balls is out! To celebrate, Cherry Burn is free until July 2nd. Click on the pics below to be taken to the respective Amazon page. Both are on KU.

Also new, The Swingyards has a new addition on Amazon. It’s also available on Eden Books, Smashwords, and most major retailers.

I did a podcast with Evie Alexander this month to celebrate her new book, Cookout Carnage, with co-author Kelly Kay. Cookout Carnage is out now. Grab it, because it’s funny AF. Check out The Smutty Book Lady and Friends episode on Spotify. Click on pic for link.

What Have I Been Reading or planning to read? Here are some indies to check out for July reading.

What are you reading? Drop a comment and let me know!

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