Fun Christmas Book Season!

Christmas on the Cruise Ship is out and available for 99 cents until Christmas. Buy at that price before it goes to its regular price of $2.99! It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited!! Click on the picture below to grab it. It will be available on all major retailers with the rest of the seriesContinue reading “Fun Christmas Book Season!”

Free Audio Codes

Rocks is now available in audio on Audible! Read by Allie Anthony and written by me, you get all 3 Rocks shorts (Cherry Burn, Blue Balls, and Pistol Fire.) I’ll send out download codes to two lucky winners that will be chosen at random by a randomizer app. How to enter: Sign up for myContinue reading “Free Audio Codes”

October Happenings and News

I had an amazing time at the Cottleville, MO “Witches in Cottleville” event. So many people came out and gave my books a shot. A big thanks to my friend, Erin, that came along and helped me set up, break down, stamped the door prize sheet for guests, and watched my booth while I usedContinue reading “October Happenings and News”

Winning the Witch is Live!

Now available here and only on Amazon! Blurb: Eliza Owl is all about helping her community. When her friend, Lily Jane, talks her into being a prize in the annual children’s hospital date raffle, she worries something will happen at the event that she can’t control. It’s not that she doesn’t like helping her communityContinue reading “Winning the Witch is Live!”

August Coupons, Sales, and Free stuff

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. This is the first summer in a long time that I haven’t gone on a vacation. We went on spring break, so we decided not to travel this summer. I wrote a blog a while back about how much I just want to sit around. I wasContinue reading “August Coupons, Sales, and Free stuff”

Monthly Update and Back Half of 2022 Releases

What’s new? I recently did another podcast for The Smutty Book Lady and Friends with author Samantha Baca. Catch it on Spotify by clicking on the graphic below, and check out Just One Time on July 29th. This book has some serious steam. What’s coming for the other half of 2022 with me? A lotContinue reading “Monthly Update and Back Half of 2022 Releases”

Summer Happenings

Summer is in full swing for me, and I’m hard at work getting the romance backlist off the ground. It’s useless to try to advertise when you only have one book and don’t have read through. Ads are expensive. I’m just getting to the place where I’m running ads, and it’s taking a lot toContinue reading “Summer Happenings”

Thank You…From the Bottom of My Heart.

I thought there was nothing like publishing your first book, and many of you were on that ride with me in September. But there is nothing like finishing your first series of full-length books! The final book of Jensen City Heroes releases tomorrow, and I am so overwhelmed with the reviews coming in and theContinue reading “Thank You…From the Bottom of My Heart.”