August Coupons, Sales, and Free stuff

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. This is the first summer in a long time that I haven’t gone on a vacation. We went on spring break, so we decided not to travel this summer. I wrote a blog a while back about how much I just want to sit around. I was content to write a lot, play pickleball, and do my walks. Boring, I know. I guess I’ve just reached that age…

Help Needed! – First up, I need a character name. He’s a real bastard, but not a sexy one. This guy is just plum douchey, and I can’t think of a good name. Comment below to send me ideas! You can also submit ideas on Instagram or Facebook on my blog/newsletter post today (8/25) at @authortoriross on either site. Give me your ex-boyfriends’ and crappy bosses’ names! All the douchebags!

NEW!– First up! I wrote a little novella this summer. It’s a spring short, and I had initially shopped this to a traditional publisher to be part of a spring collection they were doing. I was assigned an editor, and she asked for the full manuscript. I got through those doors, at least.

However, they wanted me to change the story before they wrote up a contract. They wanted me to take out words like “dick,” “clit,” and even “wetness” from a sex scene. My other choice was to change the story to be an erotica story if I wanted to leave my “too steamy for contemporary” sex scene in. That would have resulted in me having to re-outline and basically do an entire re-write.

Well, I’ll be damned before I write a book with “penis” or “moist” in it. “Length” can only go so far, and “manhood” has no place in a book set past the 1920s.

So, here it is…in its full DICK glory. It’s currently on Radish Fiction and will be in eBook in February on all major retailers, including Google Play.

Coupon Link – Click here for 5 episodes free on Radish Fiction. (The first three are always free.) It’s also on Kindle Vella. (Amazon recently changed the terms of service so I can have it both places.) If you have coins over there, you can read it there.

Smashwords Coupons for the Month: All Jensen City Heroes books are 25% off at Smashwords until September 1st. Click here to be taken to Thirst. Make sure to use the coupon code on the left of the page. I absolutely love Smashwords. In addition to pushing my stuff out to stores like Barnes and Noble, they have their own online store. They allow authors to issue coupons for their work and have semi-annual sales. (Amazon doesn’t allow us to do that.)

FREE BOOK IN SEPTEMBERHead Over Heels in Hawaii will be free on Amazon from Sept 9-11. It’s always free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, but if you don’t have KU and want to read it, it’s here for you on those dates.

Arson is always free on all major retailers. I ran a freebooksy promo in August and had over 4k downloads of Arson, hitting #1 in several categories. Since then, several people have left ratings and purchased the next in series. If you’ve wandered over to my newsletter or blog through that promo, thank you for giving my book a chance.

New ReleasePistol Fire is book three in Rocks. Click on the pic below to buy for 99 cents or read in Kindle Unlimited.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of whatever season your hemisphere is celebrating!

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