Spring Happenings!

For my fellow Northern Hemisphere people, spring is here. Summer is just around the corner…

I feel like the winter flew by. I’ve been so busy. I’m currently in a beach chair in Ft. Myers, Florida trying to get a little something done so I’m not so swamped when I get home Monday.

Jensen City NewsAmp is available for preorder. I am about 30% done with it. This one is going a lot slower for me. Not because I don’t like writing it. Linus is and has always been one of the only characters I can’t outline or control. (The other one is Kyle March from The Caretaker. I had no idea he was going to do that with his orange popsicle until he did it.) I did outline Amp, but I have to let Linus tell me the story. I know that sounds 50 shades of crazy, but every writer has “that character” that just doesn’t cooperate. April will be the month I really hammer this book. It’ll be ready by June release.

The last day for Arson in KU is today 3/26. My goal for this week is get everything loaded onto Eden Books, Smashwords and serial it into Radish. It will be wide later in the week! I’ll update social media when it’s in Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and serialized on Radish. It will still be for sale at 99 cents on Amazon Kindle or for $9.99 on Amazon print on demand. Thirst and Darkness will be available wide late April/early May depending on when I can get them out of KU and get them into correct formats. Watch social media for that update.

Speaking of serials: Part 2 of The Swingyards, The Substitute, now has a paperback available in case you don’t want to read the story on Inkitt. (Hey, some people just prefer paper.) Click on the photo below to be taken to the Amazon page. Paperbacks of The Caretaker and The Substitute are available now.

Coming 4/7!!

I’ve been all over social media with this novella, but I can’t post a blog update without including it. I’m very excited for you to read this. Head to Goodreads to see Evie’s full review. Head Over Heels in Hawaii launches 4/7 and will be on KU and stay on KU.

What am I reading?-

I’m the worst ARC reader ever. I’m so damn behind.

I read Evie Alexander’s new one, Hollywood Games, as an ARC reader and loved it more than the first one, Highland Games. It’s fantastic. Give both a go if you like rom com and Scottish men.

Trish Heinrich will be on my podcast at the end of the month. (I know…I haven’t had one for a few months. I’ve been busy!!! Honestly, I kind of hope I remember how to work Anchor to even record it.) I’m about halfway done with this one from her backlist.

This month’s BOTM read is The Paris Apartment. I like this one for a weird reason…I write in 1st person present tense, and I second guess myself all the time because of it. It is refreshing and almost validating to read a successful trad published author write in 1st person/present.

Next up: I’m getting ready to start Deep Currents by Izzy Mathews. She’ll be on the podcast in April.

I hope to get to Garry Michael’s “newish” one this spring. If you’re looking for a great MM read, Garry is fantastic! I can’t wait to read this.

I hope everyone has an amazing start to spring! I’m looking forward to summer myself. I got my riverwalk pass for the summer, and it’s my favorite thing to do. For those that wonder what a river walk pass is, my community pool has a lazy river that they open to the public for walking a few hours before the pool opens for the day. It’s huge with the old lady contingent. I need to get a new old lady visor for the summer and get ready! I also can’t wait to hit the pickleball courts! Yep, pickleball and river walking with my friends before I go home and write smut…

Comment below if you’re doing anything fun this month or looking forward to anything coming up!

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