New Jensen City Short is Live!

Look how happy sweet, Georgia-girl Patty looks to finally get a night with Linus.

Ever wonder EXACTLY what happened in Linus’s apartment with Patty, Linus and Bennett? You know…after they left the wedding but before the guys were kidnapped?

You do not have to be caught up on your JCH to enjoy it. This erotica short can be read in less than an hour and enjoyed as a standalone mfm story.

Blurb: Patty Lowell wants one thing in life…a night with Dr. Linus Morris. When the opportunity arises to have Linus after their friends’ wedding, she jumps at the chance. Fortunately for her, he’s also brought his friend Bennett Parks along for the ride of her life.

Erotica categories: humor (because it’s Bennett) and BDSM. Let’s just say…ol’ Patty likes it a little rough, and Linus and Bennett are happy to oblige.

It’s available on Kindle Unlimited or for purchase on Kindle. Click on the link to be taken to the Amazon page.

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