New Jensen City Short is Live!

Look how happy sweet, Georgia-girl Patty looks to finally get a night with Linus. Ever wonder EXACTLY what happened in Linus’s apartment with Patty, Linus and Bennett? You know…after they left the wedding but before the guys were kidnapped? You do not have to be caught up on your JCH to enjoy it. This erotica… Continue reading New Jensen City Short is Live!

Darkness Release/Amp Progress/Feb News

Darkness is out! I’ve had some amazing reviewers love it, and one even wrote that she hopes Linus comes back with a vengeance. It made my heart sparkle with joy that I made a reader passionate about making sure my boy gets his revenge. I’m about 10k words into Amp, and it’s a pleasure to… Continue reading Darkness Release/Amp Progress/Feb News

Jensen City Heroes Book 3 Prologue

Ahhhh….my loyal blog subscribers. Only you will see this (unless someone randomly comes out to my blog.) For your reading pleasure- I give you the prologue below. Ever wonder what the hell happened to Patty, Linus and Bennett at the end of Thirst? Here you go… The prologue to Darkness… (Cover coming soon.) Prologue Random… Continue reading Jensen City Heroes Book 3 Prologue