Jensen City Heroes Book 3 Prologue

Ahhhh….my loyal blog subscribers. Only you will see this (unless someone randomly comes out to my blog.)

For your reading pleasure- I give you the prologue below. Ever wonder what the hell happened to Patty, Linus and Bennett at the end of Thirst?

Here you go… The prologue to Darkness… (Cover coming soon.)


Random Hired Thug

“Which one is he?” I ask my partner, Cheecho, outside of Dr. Morris’s bedroom door. Moaning, grunting and the sound of a headboard rhythmically hitting the wall float out to the hallway where we stand in horrified silence. “I don’t know what he looks like.”

“What do you mean? It’s the guy fucking the lady in there,” Cheecho whispers back to me, looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“No, asshole. You don’t understand,” I say as I stick my head back through the doorframe and bring it back as fast as I can. “There are two guys fucking that lady in there.”

It takes a moment for him to comprehend what I’m saying, and he smiles when it finally clicks. I don’t think Cheecho is the most intelligent hired thug in the world, but I think he understands the dynamics of a threesome. It would seem that our target not only has a woman in his bed, but another dude. “Lucky gal,” is all Cheecho says under his breath.

This job has sucked from the beginning. Some old guy found us in a bar and handed over a wad of cash. No details. No names. No info to go on to identify him nor anything about why he wanted this Dr. Morris guy. We just got an address and a time and date. I don’t see why anyone would want to kidnap him. According to the news, Dr. Morris is a genius that worked with some hot chick to get Jensen City out of the worst water crisis since it’s been a city.

Hell, I’m inclined to just leave the guy to his threesome. I’ve been enjoying longer showers and actual tap water the last few days, so I don’t see why I have to be the one to shoot a tranquilizer dart at the guy and drag him out to our van like he’s the title character of Weekend at Bernie’s. The guy’s having a threesome for fuck’s sake. I know I’d be pissed if I was getting off and got kidnapped right in the middle of it.

Money is money, though. We were paid a lot for this. I really don’t know Cheecho except that he’s dating my cousin and has a history just as questionable as my own. He has teardrops tattooed on his scarred face, and I really don’t know if I want to know how he got them, the scars or the tattoos. He’s missing a couple of bottom teeth and has a gold tooth for one of his two front teeth. That tells me he either has some experience in a fight or played hockey. I’m willing to bet it’s the former.

“How are we going to do this?” I ask, adjusting the black beanie hat on my head to cover more of my forehead.

“We’ll hit the guy closest to the door with the dart first because he’s the closest threat to us. Then, we hit the second guy.”

“What about the woman? We only have two tranquilizer darts. We weren’t exactly prepared for a porn movie going on in there. She’ll see us.”

Cheecho looks around the hallway like an answer is magically written on Dr. Morris’s wall or something. “He’s got a balcony, right? Does she look suicidal to you?”

I look at him, annoyed. “I can’t really tell with some guy’s dick in her mouth, but she sure is moaning like she’s not offing herself any time soon.”

“I was being sarcastic, moron. We’re going to drop her off the balcony.”

“No fucking way, man! She’s an innocent person caught up in this, and we were hired to kidnap a dude. I didn’t sign up to kill some bitch because she’s getting spit roasted at a bad time.”

“What do you want to do with her, Einstein?”

I look around the hallway like I’m looking for an answer on his hallway walls now, too. What do we do with the woman? Hell, what do we do with the other guy? Oh, shit.

“Fuck! I just thought of something,” I say, and the look of horror on my face must be contagious because Cheecho grimaces. “Which guy is Dr. Morris?”

Cheecho’s eyes widen. Neither of us were given a picture of Dr. Morris. We were just told to kidnap the guy at this address and bring him to another address. I have no idea which guy is which in there.

I stand with my back against the wall trying to remember what Dr. Morris looked like from the news. The water power woman talked to the press. He hasn’t. I can’t remember what he looks like from the press video at the reservoir. A guy like me doesn’t exactly sit around looking at everyone who appears on the news so that I can remember them later. Hell, I noticed the hot woman, but I don’t go around looking at guys.

“Shit,” Cheecho utters. “Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll knock them both out and then knock out the bitch with the butt of the tranquilizer gun. You do that. Hit her hard enough to knock her the fuck out long enough for us to get both the guys out.”

“Why do I have to do it?”

“You’re the one that wants to save her life, hero. You can knock her the fuck out or I can drop her off the balcony. Your choice.”

“What are we going to say to the boss when we have two guys instead of just Dr. Morris?”

“That’s his fucking problem for not giving us a picture to work with. We’ll deliver Dr. Morris as promised and get our other half of the money.”

Looking around the doorframe again, I notice we have another problem. “Have you seen these guys?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look!” I whisper and point to the bedroom. “They don’t exactly look like they couch surf and eat candy bars all day.”

Cheecho peeks around the frame and brings his head back quickly, trying not to be noticed. Something tells me that he needn’t bother. We could set off a bomb, and they wouldn’t notice it. The threesome is focused on what’s going on in there and has no idea there are two kidnappers in the hallway trying to figure out how to handle busting up a menage.

Cheecho blows out a deep breath because I know he saw what I saw when I first looked around the frame. I could only see the guy closest to the door from the back. However, I saw enough. He has a bare ass that looks like it was chiseled from concrete and muscular thighs the woman grips and rubs. I can’t see her face, but it’s obvious that she has his dick in her mouth, moaning around it. His hair is curly and neither short nor long, and his back muscles indicate he lifts. He also has full-sleeve arm tattoos and looks like he’s halfway between six and seven feet tall. I’m not looking forward to tangling with him if we miss with the tranquilizer dart.

The other guy is just as naked and just as fit. The guy with dark, wavy hair has a little stubble on his face and pecs you could use to cut diamonds. As the woman sucks his friend’s dick, this guy fucks the woman from behind, causing her to moan the name Linus as his hips slam into her ass.

But who’s Linus? Is Dr. Morris the same person as Linus? Dammit, if she could moan “Dr. Morris” we may be able to pin it down better.

“Alright, let’s just get this over with and make this up as we go along,” Cheecho says, getting into position to jump around the doorframe and hit the guy closest to us with a tranquilizer. “On three.”

Cheecho holds up his fingers and counts down. When his third finger goes up, we both jump around the corner without the group on the bed even noticing. It isn’t until Cheecho shoots his tranquilizer dart into the big guy closest to the door that the other guy notices us. Cocking his head to the side and squinting, the guy only has a second to realize someone else is standing in his bedroom before my tranquilizer hits him in the forearm.

As soon as it hits his forearm, he starts to get out of the bed. He tries, but his eyes glass over a second later, and he slumps on the woman on the bed who is now looking around at the guys like she’s not sure what happened.

In fact, she’s so confused that she doesn’t even look at us at first. She simply shakes the big guy like he fell asleep and looks back at the other guy, confused as to why he passed out on her ass. Eventually, she sees the dart sticking out of the big guy’s arm and tentatively reaches out like she’s unsure what it is that’s sticking out of his skin.

It’s only when we take a few more steps into the room that she sees us and lets out a blood-curdling scream. Rushing over to her, I slam the butt of my tranquilizer gun into the side of her face, but she stays awake, putting her hand up to her cheek like she doesn’t understand. Hell, I almost feel sorry for her as I bring the butt of the tranquilizer gun down again, this time on the back of her head.

That does the trick, and she slumps over the side of the bed with a grunt. Cheecho is already moving the guys into a different position on the bed and standing over them like he’s not sure what to do with them now that they’re out for the count.

“How long do think we have for the tranquilizers?” I ask.

“They are pretty high dose, but about an hour max. Maybe less for the big guy. We should probably move him first. I didn’t expect a fucking giant. We also need to hurry in case the bitch wakes up. I’m not hitting her with the tranquilizer gun, so the bitch better hope she stays out for more than a few minutes.”

“Alright. Let’s get a move on. Let’s take the big guy out first. What are we going to do about clothes?”

“I don’t have time to play dress up. Look for their underwear. We’ll put them in their underwear and shuffle them out the service elevator. The van is right by the door. It should be fine.”

I hastily look around the floor to find some underwear. I find the woman’s lacy black thong on the floor but can’t locate any male underwear. Cheecho has better luck. “Here’s a black pair. Throw this on the big guy,” he directs as he throws the pair of boxer briefs at my face.

“Gross, dude. Don’t throw his underwear at my face.”

I start to pull the underwear over the big guy’s legs, sliding it up quickly. I don’t even check to see if I get it on backwards or correctly in the dim light. I hear Cheecho mutter something about finding another pair on the floor, and he starts to put that underwear on the other guy.

As soon as they’re both covered with underwear, Cheecho comes to my side, and we both grab an arm of the big guy. Lifting him off of the bed, he grunts, causing us to freeze in fear that he’s waking up. We look at each other with wide eyes and give the big guy a moment to see if he’s waking up.

“Fucking hurry,” Cheecho whispers as we lift the guy off of the bed and begin to drag him out of the room.

He’s heavy as fuck, and we struggle to drag him down the hall and out of the apartment. Cheecho falls in the kitchen before we even reach the door, and I almost drop the big guy face-first into the kitchen counter. It probably looks like a comedy of errors since the guy we’re dragging out is taller than me by a few inches and taller than Cheecho by about a foot.

Cheecho eventually regains his footing, and we head out of the apartment, looking both ways as we walk into the public hallway and head for the service elevator. It’s the middle of the night, so we don’t have to contend with any nosy neighbors. Thankfully, there are only three other apartments on his floor, and none of them are particularly interested in what’s happening. It makes me wonder how often Dr. Morris makes a woman scream in his bedroom. Moaning and screaming may just be business as usual in this guy’s apartment.

We get the big guy down the service elevator and hoist him into the van. It doesn’t have any windows, and it’s a rusty older model. We quickly duct tape the big guys’ hands and mouth, just in case he wakes up, and we put a potato sack over his head for good measure.

After we get the big guy loaded, we quietly head back up for the other guy and cross our fingers he and the woman are still out for the count. Luckily, both are still unconscious when we trapse back into the bedroom to repeat the process with the other guy. Before we leave with the other guy, we look through everyone’s pants pockets and take phones, wallets and anything else of use we can find. We find the woman’s purse and rifle through her wallet, taking the money and credit cards belonging to a woman named Patty Lowell. Guilt punches me in the stomach. She’s a pretty woman and didn’t deserve this. Seeing her name printed on the cards and pocketing her cash feels more violating than hitting her in the face. It makes her real.

“Come on! Let’s get the fuck out of here and drop these guys at the rendezvous point before they wake up,” Cheecho whispers to me as he wipes down anything we may have touched, making sure there are no prints left behind.

We turn the lock on the door before we leave just in case someone else tries to come over to Dr. Morris’s apartment at this hour. Hell, he may have arranged for a full-on orgy. Closing the door, we casually walk to the service elevator and out to the van, ready to deliver our cargo to the boss and get the rest of the cash we deserve.

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