What I’m Reading and Doing- November Edition

Thirst is up and rolling. Thank you everyone for making my second release in as many months an awesome month! If you haven’t read it, grab it here. Please leave a review on Amazon or on my Goodreads page here when you are done! I’d love to hear your honest thoughts. As I said in my last blog, this is literally my favorite thing I’ve ever written, and I still have a writing hangover from Remi and Zeke, so much so that it took me 6 weeks to get into book 3’s couple. You do not need to read Arson to understand Thirst. I think you can catch up. However, Arson is permanently 99 cents!

Book Three is jussssstttt about done. BTW- Book three is Bennett’s story. I have a few more chapters to write. Then, I have to do something I call “punch ups” to it where I go back and add more details so it’s not a “blank room” experience. I do a read through to make sure I don’t have any plot mistakes. I’ll then get it edited, format it and load it in to Amazon for a January release. (Probably late January with ARCs available for my ARC team in early January or late December.)

This has taken a little more time than Thirst because Darkness (book 3’s title) is very dark. (That’s not really why it’s named Darkness, though.) I wrote a scene the other day that made me cry literally all day, and then cry off and on as I tweaked it even more over the last few days. I didn’t cry because I did something really bad to a character, I cried because what I wrote hurts my favorite character so deeply. It was a very weird experience hurting that person so badly.

People are going to either understand that this had to happen for the plot in book 4 (final book) or ya’ll are going to hate me and throw the book across the room. I am well aware that’s the case, and I accept your wrath. Just know that it put me into a mild depression to write it.

Stay tuned for the Book 3 prologue to learn a little more about what happened with Bennett, Patty and Linus in Linus’s apartment after Archie and Darby’s wedding. It will only be on this blog soon.

Unfortunately, since we are getting deep into the plot by book 3, you really do need to at least read Thirst to understand what’s going on in Darkness.

What else?

Arson was the Sunday Snippet on That’s What I’m Talking About Blog! Check it out here. A big thanks to Jen at twimom227.com for including me!

I’ve also been hard at work continuing The Swingyards over on Inkitt. I have Part 2, The Substitute, just about done. The Caretaker, part 1, starts rolling out 11/29 when it comes off of KU. Part 2 will start rolling out (I have them scheduled in the system) by the end of December. Watch my social media for info on when Part 2 is up if you’ve read part 1.

What did I read in November from the Indie World?

I don’t give out spoilers in my “what I read” section.

Book– Cyok

Author– Holly Hanzo

First off, an apology. I read this last month and spaced on putting it in my “what I read” blog for last month. Sorry, Holly. It was not at all intentional. This is fun book that takes us out of the world for a few hours. I called it alien sex candy on my Instagram page when I posted about it.

Grab this book if you like alien romance. (AKA Ice Planet Barbarians.) This is first in a series. She has a Christmas book that goes along with it…just sayin’.

Book– The Ruins

Author– Torri Heat

This book is a fun book about a demon, also known as a “watcher” of dreams, that finds out a woman can see him in her dreams. They meet up. There’s some steam. Shenanigans ensue.

There is a lot of action here (3 fight scenes in a book just over 100 pages) as well as about 3 sex scenes. So, if you like books with non-stop action and sex, check it out. She’ll also be on The Smutty Book Lady and Friends as my December guest! I can’t wait to talk dark/paranormal romance with her!

Book – The Layover

Author: Joseph Hagen

This author is not my usual pick and he’s not a romance writer, but he’s in my new writing group that I adore, and I wanted to try to read some of the other members’ writings. He’s also the only other person in my writing group that I’ve met that has books out, besides me. So, I’ve been reading his work. (Insert plug for joining an in-person writing group. I love talking to other writers face-to-face instead of on social media. It’s honestly become my favorite night of the week.) Anyway, this is a short about strangers caught in an airport on a layover. He has some other stuff out that I plan on reading, and I’ll be reading that over the next few months.

Book– Hearts Unmasked

Author– Janine O’Neil

This author excels at detail to the point that I’m kind of jealous. She did such a great job explaining the surroundings, the characters and even the superhero outfits. This is a little over 100 pages and just a lot of fun if you like superhero romance. As a podcaster, there are a few books that I read and I’m like, “I want this author on my show.” Janine is one of them. I want to have a conversation about superhero romance on my show SO BAD because not many people want to talk to me about it! I contacted her, and she accepted. Look for her on The Smutty Book Lady and Friends podcast in January!

Comment below if you’ve read any of the above books! I’d love to hear from you.

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