Darkness Release/Amp Progress/Feb News

Darkness is out! I’ve had some amazing reviewers love it, and one even wrote that she hopes Linus comes back with a vengeance. It made my heart sparkle with joy that I made a reader passionate about making sure my boy gets his revenge. I’m about 10k words into Amp, and it’s a pleasure to write Linus. I’ll leave it at that.

Amp will be available June 9 and is already up for preorder. Why the long time to wait when I usually release every 2 months? I am going to do my best to do my boy justice (and get him some justice) so it’s going to take a little bit of time to make that happen the way I want. If you read Darkness, Linus has a lot going on by the epilogue. In addition to concluding the series and getting Linus what’s his, I need to write his love story. So, yeah, it’ll take me some time to get it right.

I have Head Over Heels in Hawaii releasing in April and have to polish and market that one as well as writing a pen name erotica short every week. I’m also taking some time off for travel this spring and will do my best to step away from writing for a couple of weeks.

However, it is up for preorder. Click here to be taken to the preorder page for Amp.

In the meantime, click here if you need to see what’s going on in Jensen City in Darkness.

Head Over Heels in Hawaii

Ya’ll, I’m in love with this novella, and I hope you all love it just as much. Here’s a trailer video.

What I’m Reading in February

I’m taking a smaalll break from reading so much romance and reading a few things on my shelf. Unless Torri Heat sends me that Nosedive ARC, I only have 1 tbr romance book this month. That seems a little un-valentiney, but I read enough romance and smut throughout the year.

59494961. sy475

And, yes, I’m an absolute nut for Chuck Klosterman when he waxes nostalgic about the 90’s. It’s like being there again.

Drop a comment and let me know what you plan to read in February.

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