Head Over Heels in Hawaii is LIVE!

First, a bit of housekeeping. I started this blog when I was a reviewer. If you’d still like to receive my blog posts, do nothing. If you’d like my email newsletter instead, you can stop getting my blog notifications and click here. Dealer’s choice. Look for some bonus content coming later this spring/early summer for subscribers to my newsletter and/or my blog. I’ll also have the first chapter of Loved in Las Vegas first for my subscribers to either platform.

Head Over Heels in Hawaii is Live! I’m so excited for you to read this novella. It can be read in an hour or two (depending on how fast you read) and is perfect for a vacation flight this summer or a beach day!

Click on the pic to be taken to the Amazon page. I hope everyone enjoys it, and remember to leave an honest review on Amazon when you’re done! That’s the best way to help an indie author. I appreciate everyone who has given this book a chance!

Already read it and liked it? Coming 7/30 and available for pre-order….Regi’s story.

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