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If you’d like to read Jensen City Heroes in Kindle Unlimited, load them into your library before March 26. I’m pulling all of my JCH from KU and putting them on wide platforms when Arson’s contract expires. They are in a wonky expiration cycle, but other writers say you can ask Amazon to take them out if you’re in a situation where you want all out at once. Fingers crossed that’s true. If not, I’ll update social media with updated dates. Either way, Arson’s last day in KU is 3/26.

Where will the series be?

It will still be for sale at Amazon. Arson is $0.99 if someone wants to give it a whirl, and the others are $2.99. It will also be for sale on retailers like Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple books etc. AFTER March 27. I’m also pleased to say that I have been accepted to Radish and will serialize the series over the next several months (if all the books don’t come out right away. I will serialize immediately if I can get them all out end of March.)

Fun fact: If you load the books into KU, you can read them any time you like. You do not need to read them before the pull date. They stay in your library as long as you don’t return them or cancel your KU subscription. If you read them, I’ll still get page read royalties even if it’s a year or two later.

Why am I doing this?

I get a trickle of sales, but it’s not a KU darling. I also can’t run ads for it on Amazon because the content and covers are too racy. I tried an ad on Facebook, and it was banned two minutes later.

I can’t advertise this series on Amazon, and it’s stuck there…only allowed on a platform where I cannot advertise. Also, there’s no category (or niche) for it on Amazon. It’s put into paranormal and sci-fi, but it’s not really paranormal and sure not sci-fi. Those genre readers scroll right past it.

If I want it to have a chance, I need to broaden it. I think it will do well as a serial, in all honesty. I was very excited when Radish accepted my application.

TLDR: Load it up if you’re interested in reading it.

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