Three for the Night Sample/Preview

See below for the first part of this 10k word erotica companion short to Jensen City Heroes. It is the same blurb that will be on the “look inside” section on Amazon and will be available March 17.

Blurb: Patty Lowell wants one thing in life…a night with Dr. Linus Morris. When the opportunity arises to have Linus after their friends’ wedding, she jumps at the chance. Fortunately for her, he’s also brought his friend Bennett Parks along for the ride of her life.

This is a short, standalone companion short in the Jensen City Heroes series and explains what happened in the bedroom with Patty, Linus and Bennett between Thirst and Darkness. You do not need to read those books in order to enjoy this short!

At the Bar

“Having a good night, Patty?” a voice asks behind me, and I choke on the cold cocktail in my mouth. Coughing a little, I straighten my face into the most attractive expression I can muster before turning around. I know that voice, and it’s the same voice that’s been making my panties wet for years. I run my tongue over my teeth to make sure no wedding appetizers are stuck in them and slowly turn to face him.

“Hi, Linus. Enjoying the wedding?” I ask the man in front of me.

Dr. Linus Fucking Morris. Chemistry professor by day. Object of my masturbation fantasies by night.

We’ve known each other for a few years through our local rec volleyball league, but I’ve never had my way with him. The first time we played his team, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and we lost because of it. It’s almost heart-stopping when the man takes his shirt off. Every woman in the league wants him, but I know he’s always had a thing for Darby, another woman on his team, and the woman whose wedding we are currently attending. Obviously, Linus doesn’t look happy to be here since he’s not the groom.

His dark hair is a little longer for the normal South Dakota chemistry professor. He’s worn it about chin-length with a few waves for the last few years. He could pull it back into a man bun, but he probably thinks man buns are pretentious. I’ve seen him with stubble and without, and I can’t decide which one I like more. Tonight, he’s rocking a little stubble, and his black tie is loose around his neck, a button on his white dress shirt undone. I try to check him out without making it look like I’m checking, but I can’t help but move my eyes all the way down his black dress pants just so I can linger on his legs.

He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever known, and he’s talking to me.

“Oh, I’m having a grand time,” he says and signals the bartender for a beer. “Did you come here with someone?”

“Well, I-I, um, Frank and I broke up, so I’m here by myself.”

“Sorry to hear that. Can I get you a drink?”

“Only if you’ll keep me company while I drink it,” I coo, and I hear my Georgia accent kick up a notch in an effort to sound like butter. Where did that come from? Is my tongue suddenly bold as brass because it’s tired of other parts of me not getting attention? I fluff my brown, curly hair and look at him with my hazel eyes in a look that I hope screams “attractive.” Honestly, I wore my low-cut yellow dress with lace at the edges just for him. Is it also sad that I wore a tiny black thong in the unlikely chance that he’d see it?

Linus gives me a half-smile and gestures for the bartender to refill my drink as well. As the bartender places two drinks in front of us, Linus unbuttons his dress shirt and rolls up his sleeves as I sip my drink and try not to drool. “Patty, would you like to ride my dick tonight?”

“Pppppppfffffttttt.” Damn! I spit everywhere, and I hastily grab a napkin to dab at his shirt. Thankfully, he laughs and dabs at his shirt with his own napkin. “I’m sorry, what?”

“You heard me, Patty,” he says in a husky voice, his eyes staring bullets into me. “You’ve been hitting on me for years. I’m well aware of it. You’re single, I’m single and I really don’t want to be at this fucking wedding. I know I sound like a pouty little brat, but come home with me and make me feel better.”

“Well, I-I…”

“What’s going on over here?” a tall man I recognize as Darby and Archie’s best man asks as he throws his arm around Linus’s shoulder. “Bennett Parks,” he says, introducing himself and holding out his hand to shake. His tux is still on, but his bow tie is undone and hangs precariously off his shoulder. He has blue eyes, blonde curly hair and a bow-shaped mouth that he licks when he sees me glance at it.  

“Patty, this is my buddy, Bennett. He’s on the volleyball team now. Bennett, Patty is a competitor. We’ll play her team later this summer.”

“Nice to meet you. What are you talking about?”

Linus chuckles a little. “Oh, Patty and I were just discussing our plans for the night.”

“Is there an after-party?” Bennett asks, perking up.

“You could say that. Patty and I were just talking about having an after-party at my apartment.”

Bennett ponders Linus’s answer for a moment as I feel my face redden in embarrassment that Linus’s friend knows we’re going to have sex. “Can I come?”

“When I say ‘party,’ Bennett, I mean that we’re going to fuck.”


Linus squints a little and cocks his head. “Bennett, Patty and I are going to fuck all night. It’s not a party.”

Bennett gets closer to Linus’s face. “Yes, I know. I’m asking if I can come,” he says and gives me a wink. “You’ve never shared?” he asks.

“Dude, I don’t even share my food, much less pussy,” Linus answers, giving a palms up like he’s confused about the question.

“Geesh, what’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m asking to borrow your tools and not going to return them.”

“Have you shared?” Linus asks, still incredulous that Bennett has zero problem with fucking the same woman as him.

“Tons of times. There was this guy at the firehouse we nicknamed Swizzle. I don’t remember his real name. Come to think of it, I don’t remember why we called him Swizzle. His wife liked him to bring home random guys from the fire department to fuck her. Let’s just say, I was one of the wife’s favorites.”

“That is some twisted shit, man. You just fucked your coworker’s wife while he watched?”

“Watched. Joined. It kind of ran the gamut.”

As Bennett and Linus bicker about the ethics of threesomes, something happens to my panties. They’re wet. In fact, they’re soaking at the idea of both of these guys. I’ve always wanted Linus, and this Bennett guy is fire hot. Could I do this? Frank and I broke up a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been feeling bad about myself since then. I imagine that nothing helps a lady get over a man quite like a good spit roast between two others.

“Do the balls touch during a double penetration?” Linus asks Bennett like he’s forgotten that I’m standing there. “I don’t think I could enjoy my side of that if I had another dude’s balls flopping against me the whole time. Apparently, testicle contact is my line. I think…”

“Uh, guys? I’d like an opinion on this,” I interrupt.

Both men turn to look at me. Linus smiles kindly at me while Bennett looks at me with more of a leer. I think he instinctively knows what I’m going to say. “I want a little fun tonight. If you’re down for it, Linus, I’m open to seeing what all the fuss is about two men.”

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