What’s New for 2022!

Yes, my OCD brain totally has my writing year mapped out. I’m actually mapped out until 2024, but that’s neither here nor there. I guess you could say I’m a planner.

The year will kick off with two things happening at once.

#1- JCH book 3, Darkness, launches on Jan 20! Click on the cover below to preorder. DM me if you’re a blogger/reviewer/fellow author who’d like an ARC.

#2- The Swingyards is now on Inkitt. You can read it here. New episodes will be added weekly through March in a short section called “The Progressive Dinner” when we get to see how a neighborhood dinner party that moves from house to house goes down. Did I mention Inkitt is free???? Enjoy!

#3- I’ve already started on book 4 of JCH, Amp. (Linus’s story.) I have about 3 chapters done that I wrote while I was writing Darkness just because this relentless bastard inspires me so much. I hope to have book 4 to you by May, but it may be a lot sooner. This one is flying like Thirst did. I could have it to you as early as mid-March. The reason it’s flying is that I adore Linus. He’s my boy, and he’s been yelling at me to write his story since I created him in Arson. I talk to him in my head on drives. He talks at me when I’m writing the other characters. I also have no idea what he’ll do. The only other character I’ve never been able to control is Kyle March from The Swingyards. (I had no idea he’d do that with the popsicle until he did it.) Linus is my guy. If Jensen City Heroes were a game of fuck or marry, I’d marry Zeke. But damn…I’d fuck the shit out of Linus.

Oh, hey. Here’s the cover.

#4- Because I’m insane and addicted to writing, I have a contemporary novella series coming this spring! Check out my most recent blog post about the new series for more info. You can click on the picture to preorder. This series will be in KU for now. Also, message me at smuttybooklady@gmail.com if you’re a reviewer or blogger that would like an ARC.

I’m super excited about this series. I think novellas are my best work, and this is such a cute story.

#5- Lastly, I’ll be attending A Weekend with the Authors in Nashville the weekend of May 13th. If you’re in the area, come see me that Saturday and grab a signed copy of JCH. I should have all of them done by then. Fingers crossed. I’ll also have copies of The Caretaker with me if you want a paper version. I’m trying to decide if I want to make a print copy of HOHIH to have there. Comment below if you think I should do print versions of my Traveling Calverts.

So, lots going on this year. In addition to all of the writing, look for The Smutty Book Lady and Friends podcast every month! Upcoming guests include Izzy Matthews, Trish Heinrich and Janine O’Neil!

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