What’s Coming in 2023

I hope your New Year’s Eve parties were awesome and your hangovers were short this morning. We didn’t do much, but we did make it over to our friends’ house for a small party…as much as you can party with kids in the house, at least. If you’re STILL hungover, remember that there’s no hangover a breakfast sandwich from McDonalds can’t cure. I prefer the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, but dealer’s choice. Pro tip- Put the hashbrown on the sandwich.

My year starts off with two back-to-back releases. One of them, The Flower Festival Fling, has been done since last summer, so I’m excited for you to finally read it.

JanuaryThe Cuffing Season Contract comes out Jan 17. The pre-order price is 99 cents and will go up to $3.99 a week after release, so make sure you grab it for the sale price or on KU!

FebruaryThe Flower Festival Fling releases Feb. 28. Also in KU and also for 99 cents at first. Regular price will be $2.99, so grab it at the pre-order price. This is a nice spring read if you need something quick. This is a novella and eBook only.

Sometime This Spring – You’ll get book 4 of The Traveling Calvert Sisters here. More details to come.

August or September – I’m currently working on a Kindle Vella that will be converted into a book about this time. Stay tuned for Kindle Vella episode drops sometime around the end of February/early March, but the book will be out late summer. More details to come. I’m about 10k words into this, but I’m keeping it close to my chest until the Vella episodes drop.

October or November – I have the most magical Christmas story coming to you for 2023. I won’t give away the title, but it’s something totally irreverent and is probably the most envelope-pushing thing I’ve written NOT under an erotica pen name. I’ll be on the Wednesday Coffee Clutching show with CJ Warrant and Rochelle Bradley in November to talk about it. Until then, I’m keeping this one totally under wraps. It’s titled, outlined, and I have the blurb drafted in Amazon. Length will depend on how much I enjoy writing this one, but I’m thinking it will be full-length.


Writers of the Riverbend is a free event. All other events and signings are ticketed. Check the event web pages for ticket information.

I hope everyone has an amazing new year, and I hope to see you if you’re local to events.

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