Authors to Read This Long Weekend

I hammer my blog readers with my own books, so I thought I’d start posting books by other authors before every weekend. This weekend is a long weekend for a lot of countries, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

#1- Samantha Baca – ‘Til Death Do Us Part

This one also happens to be 99 cents this weekend, so grab it. Samantha writes steamy contemporary romance. Click here to grab it or on the pic below.

#2- Lily B. Rose – The Unsacrificial Lamb

Want some monster romance in your life? Click here or on the pic below.

#3- Shea Anne Lowell – Brooks

Surprise baby/second chance/small town romance. Click here to grab it or on pic.

#4- Indie Sparks – Your Boss Says Hi

This is part of Indie’s vengeful vixens series. Click here for it or on pic below.

#5-Breanna Lynn – Written in the Beat

This is book 1 of the Heart Beats series. Click here or on pic below.

Don’t forget that The Cuffing Season Contract is also on sale here! If you need an Easter read, grab The Flower Festival Fling on KU! Click on picture.

Happy reading!

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