Books to Read This Weekend- Erotica Edition

For the Weekend of April 22/23

I thought I’d dedicate this weekend’s reads to my erotica-reading (and writing) friends. The books below are all erotica shorts or novellas and can be read in an hour or less. Click on the book covers below to be taken to their Amazon page. Best part? These authors are all in Kindle Unlimited!

#1 Ten Weeks on Hotwife Island by Lily Chase (aka Josie Juniper if you want to check out her romance.)

This is what the title says. For those that don’t know, a hotwife is a wife that fucks other men while the husband watches. The things you learn here…

#2- Master of the Hunt by Rose Wetter

Speaking of husband and wife plus one, check out this historical take on threesomes. Who knew such a respectable woman in a respectable dress could be so nasty? Rose has signed up to be a guest on my new podcast later this year, so I’m excited to talk to her about this one.

#3- Hot Revenge by Simone Blue

Need a little step-dad story? Check this one out by Simone Blue. (Also writes romance under Nova Flynn if you enjoy this one.) It’s sheer filth…but it’s oh so good filth. Click on the picture below to buy or read in Kindle Unlimited.

Happy reading!

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