Guest Blog by S.V. Brosius

One thing I’ve loved doing a few times with other authors is guest blogging. It’s nice to write something on my mind and have them put it on their blogs or website. So, I decided to try something new and open my blog to other authors every now and then.

This guest blog is written by S.V. Brosius, and she discusses her joy of cooking and how it can enhance writing.

S.V. Brosius:

Food is powerful. It’s merely sustenance for some. A heavenly experience for others. An aphrodisiac. A guilty pleasure. A friend. It brings people together for parties and celebrations as decorated centerpieces or main meals of the day. The many hours spent creating a wedding cake is enough to elevate bakers to a superhero status. Or the pit masters who smoke and season their meats to perfection. 

Food also has the power to offend. The audacity of a sirloin steak touching mashed potatoes is enough to earn a wrinkled nose and “ew” exclamation from my daughter. No foods are allowed to touch on her plate. Or, the sad look of lettuce that has sat in the refrigerator too long, with wilted leaves and brown spots all over. Then, there are those times when you follow a recipe to the letter, but somehow it comes out of the oven a gooey mess and not like the pretty picture you see in the book.

I love creating stories and I love to create in the kitchen. I have written a few of my own recipes and plan to create a cookbook someday. Whether it’s baking apple pies from the Amish cookbook I have to making green beans the Julia Child way…I love serving delicious food as much as I love eating it.

I’ve had my share of epic fails, like the sad puddle of a pecan pie gone wrong or the extra salty baked chicken. Oops!

Do I incorporate food into my stories? Yep! In The Darkness of Day, there is an intimate little cooking lesson that results in…and the special dinner where he…well, you’ll have to read it to find out!

I recently read Head Over Heels in Hawaii and developed a sudden craving for coconut and pineapple! There’s nothing like fresh grilled pineapple alongside a juicy chicken breast. A pina colada would be the perfect piece de resistance for this fantasy tropical meal! Summer is almost here, so the grill is about to get some action.

You can find Darkness of the Day on Amazon by clicking here.

The Darkness of Day Blurb: Nothing extraordinary ever happened to Clarabella Moore…until the night a vampire came to her rescue. But Chasis was no ordinary vampire. A member of the Brotherhood of Sacred Light, Chasis has a duty to protect Clarabella. However, his infatuation awakens her to danger and a world of not only vampires, but other supernatural beings as well. Suddenly, Clarabella’s world is anything but dull.

But when a mysterious villain threatens to expose the Brotherhood’s most prized secret, Clarabella has no choice but to go along for the ride and experience the romance she has always wanted with the hero of her dreams.

A world where her sexual desires come to life and her faith is put to the test.

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