New Podcast Announcement

I’ve started a new podcast called Sitting Here, Reading Corn with Tori Ross. (Corn being the socially acceptable code for “porn” on social media.)

As it turns out, there is nothing socially acceptable about this podcast because it was rejected from Amazon podcasts for being too dirty.

No matter.

Links below or click on picture above to be taken to Spotify.

I’ve kicked this idea around for a few months, so this is what you’re going to get:

-No scripts. This is completely raw. We read smut and go off on tangents.

-We read segments of our work that are “spicy” and add commentary. What we were thinking? Could you really stick that there without an ER visit?

-Chrissy, my old co-host from The Smutty Book Lady and Friends, will be back for a few episodes!!! There are some episodes where we will be reading my friends’ work because they’re too shy to come on and read it themselves. Chrissy is done with school and has volunteered to help!

The first guest was Samantha Baca! It’s poetic justice since she was my last guest on The Smutty Book Lady and Friends. Other guests signed on already (in addition to Samantha to come back) are Kelly Kay, Christian Pan, Nova Flynn, Elle Berlin, Sionna Trenz, Tori Alvarez, and the “always welcome on my show” Evie Alexander. I’ve also already talked to erotica authors, and they have agreed to let Chrissy read their work since they don’t want to come on and read it themselves.

So…buckle up and send the minors out of the room!

Spotify- Click here

iHeart Radio – Click here

Podbean – Click here

Podchaser – Click here

Other channels coming soon. Google and Apple both take days or even weeks to approve.

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