Book Suggestions for the Weekend

Memorial Day Edition – Click on a book’s picture for link!

It’s a long weekend for my American friends. Time to kick back with a good book. I don’t know about you, but my weather here will be close to perfect for the first swim of the year. Enjoy with something to read while you take those first steps into the public pee…er, pool.

As a side note – If you’re looking for a podcast to enjoy over the holiday weekend, Sitting Here Reading Corn with Tori Ross now has four episodes. Check it out on Spotify here or click on logo below.

Books on Sale for the Weekend

#1- A series for 99 cents!!!! Those titles, yo…Dick Slip, Nip Slip, and Beaver Blunder. Don’t tell me ya’ll aren’t a little curious.

#2- Speaking of 99 cents. Need a little MMF in your life?

#3- How about swingers? My book, The Caretaker, is on sale until the end of the month if you want to get into MF, FF, MFM, FFM…all the fs and ms.

Books you can Pre-order for the Summer

#1- Book five of a series BUT can be read as a standalone. Coming June Sports romance? Yes, please!

#2- This one is also a series and can be read as a standalone.

#3- This book drops June 13. It’s a hilarious, side-splitting rom/com with steam!

Happy Reading!!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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